Strumento is stocked with essentials and continues to add more.  Come see what we have and tell us what else you're looking for-- We'll stock it.   We want to offer products you need and choose.
If you are a teacher, send us your materials lists. Let us help your students be prepared for class.
You can find us upstairs at Art Bank Gallery.
811 Massachusetts Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Wed - Sat 11am-7pm Sun 12-4pm

Or by appointment

Send us an email to tell us what tools and materials you'd like to find at Strumento. Size, shape, color, gauge, grade, weight, brand...How many and how often do you need? Or just tell us what's on your mind. We appreciate your thoughts. Your address will not be used for anything-- except to say Thank You.
Strumento means “tool” in Italian. We believe your art supplier should be like your favorite tool. It should not only be a tool that gets the job done, it should be a tool with spirit--with the heart of a master artist. With the right tools you can do just about anything.
Strumento was created by Gina Soo Golden and Brendon Entwistle.
Gina is an artist. Her lifelong pursuit of all-things-art has given her wide knowledge of artist and craftsman materials and tools. She enjoys painting, creating and restoring picture frames and small furniture.
  Brendon is a musician and mixed media artist. Although his first love is guitar, he can play many instruments. He also has an extensive background in management and customer service.
All content and images (except, of course, Devin's photo and brand names) copyright Strumento LLC 2015.All rights reserved.
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